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A few from students who have completed the 
Online Mixing Watercolour Accurately Course

“If the mind, soul and eyes can truly 'see' colour,
the paintbrush will reveal all the beautiful hues of nature” Jackie Isard

colour theory course.jpg

"This is by far the best watercolour course I have been on and completed. My hopes when I started the course was to understand how to mix and understand colours and this course did not disappoint. The lessons and exercises are fun, instructions are very clear and you learn so much. A big bonus after completing all lessons and exercises is that at the end you will have a large library of colours along with what pigments you need to make each colour, something I was searching for. I now understand colour mixing, have learnt how to control the water needed for each mix, how to ‘see’ colour and have the confidence to start painting the flowers I have in my garden rather than following a YouTube video of how to paint this or that. Another bonus for the course is that Jackie ( Tutor ) is great, she offers really positive feedback even if you don’t always get things right and this keeps you going. I have enjoyed the course at every stage, it is worth every penny and I would most certainly recommend it if you struggle to mix and see colour. Thank you Jackie your course is brilliant." F. Davies 2023

I took Jackie‘s online colour mixing course in 2020. Communications with Jackie went really smoothly from the start and continued like that throughout the course. She responded quickly and thoroughly to every question.
The course was constructed with easy-to-understand guidance and the build-up to mastering the tasks was manageable and fun. The course materials were very clearly mapped out and accessible (pdf course notes and short video tutorials). Jackie herself is patient, approachable, very friendly and totally professional at all times. She is a motivating teacher who is masterful in encouraging you with constructive feedback and yet is not afraid to tell you when your work is not up to scratch. This greatly magnifies the lear effect. I, personally, learned so much not only about mixing colour but about paint in general. I now make a point of noting the pigment numbers and as a matter of routine and I also check the properties of the paints. I would recommend any course with Jackie." 


“Today I have completed the Jackie Isard Colour Mixing course. I'd like to say that she is the best teacher in the world! You are the teacher I never had. Even though I have completed a diploma course with a nice degree, I was struggling with colours. Now I can say that I know how to proceed to 'read' plants. Her course is absolutely perfect for understanding colours. I do recommend it for all of you interested in botanical painting. Thank you Jackie! You're simply the best!!” Anna

Thank you sweet friend for the wonderful eye-opening Color Mixing class. I’ve painted in watercolor for several years. Although I’ve taken several local classes and read many how-to books, I’ve NEVER had color explained in this manner. This is what I’ve needed. For years I’ve guessed at my colors and ended up purchasing new tubes - which I didn’t need and which didn’t help. Your class takes away the guess work. Working through guided lessons gave me hands-on experience.  Her almost immediate feedback of instruction and encouraging advice helped me not only to see my mistakes but to correct them as well. In addition Jackie’s watercolor blogs are enlightening as she shares details of paints and colors! I look forward to working more confidently as I make application to my work. Her class is easy enough for an intimidated beginner and challenging enough for a veteran in need of color direction. Jackie’s classes are reasonably priced, easy to access, well written with clear examples and videos guide your way. I am so appreciative of the preparation you’ve done for this class”.


As soon as I got Jackie’s book 'Watercolour Mixing Tecniques for Botanical Artists' full of her fantastic paintings and wonderful content, I immediately took Jackie’s Mixing colour course and I got a huge, very thoroughly, with great sense of responsibility prepared course material. This course is first class and essential for anyone involved in botanical art. During this course, a lot of  independent work must be done, which will help you easily consolidate learnable content. I have learned to see little details, varying tones and shades in plants. I have gained confidence with selecting pigments and mixing accurately colours. Every lesson and exercise of this course gave me an invaluable experience.

Thank you, Jackie, for your supportive and encouraging guidance!”  Merike


Thank you for your encouragement, kind words, advice, and patience during this process. I am thrilled to have been able to learn from such a knowledgeable mentor. The experience has changed the way I “see” my subject and makes me anxious to learn more.” Linda

“I wanted to learn from Jackie the day I first saw a pic of her painting on FB. Her painting was highly detailed and showed a certain sensitivity to colour. Fortunately for me, Jackie announced an online course a few days later. I paid up for the ‘Mixing colour accurately course’ but was a bit skeptical of learning online. Having completed the course, my doubts stand dispelled. The course content, the exercises and the patient online appraisal of the exercises by Jackie, all made for good learning. I recommend the course to anyone on a tight budget. It has taught me a structured way to test a colour and it’s mixing possibilities.” Raashmi

“I have always struggled in the past to correctly match colour mixes to the subject I was painting, especially botanical subjects. Working through Jackie's excellent course has given me more confidence and the ability to better understand colours and how to mix them. She responded quickly to my emails with good advice and constructive feedback, all the while giving me much needed encouragement. I can thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who needs help with colour mixing whether they are beginners or already have some experience using watercolours." Barbara

“Mixing colour accurately is exactly what this course has taught me and a most enjoyable process too. Very much a novice, the notes were clear and easy to follow. The feedback was prompt and very helpful. All in all – Brilliant, Thanks Jackie” Sylvia

“At last! I now approach colour mixing in a more organised and knowledgeable way. I now search for ‘many’ colours within a plant and have gained the confidence to closely match them. This course should be compulsory for all Botanical artists. Jackie is a knowledgeable and encouraging tutor who responds quickly to your questions and posts on the dedicated group page.” Christine

“Thank you for the very clear instructions, I read them all and watch all the videos, they are all very useful and easy to follow. Jackie Isard you are great artist and a great teacher too!” Mari

“I am very pleased with this course! After all the exercises and tasks, I finally began to see colour and understand how to mix it. I liked the fact that I had not only charts of colours but even in the end practical tasks for a better understanding of colour on real leaves and flowers. Separately it will highlight the fact that Jackie responded very quickly to questions and supported me throughout the course. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn how to mix watercolour accurately for botanical” Svitlana

“The course material for this colour mixing course is structured, interesting and clear. The exercises explained well and the extra videos and Facebook group tips are a bonus. I have learned to look further than ‘first sight’ when looking at a plant. A green leaf is not just green but a myriad of green tones and hues. What I most appreciated was Jackie’s personal support and the speedy replies with appraisal. It is an important motivator when working online.” Hilde

“Jackie this has been a challenge for me but with your kindness and patience, I got there. Not just achieving the completion of the course, but having learned so much along the way - As a complete beginner I gained experience in holding the brush, the amount of pigment to water to use and the joy of colour alchemy. You have inspired me to work harder and move forward. Thank you so much.” Susan

“Thank you Jackie for providing such an invaluable guide to accurately matching colour for anyone wishing to improve their botanical watercolour painting. You explained how to look at a plant and identify correctly which pigments to choose, how to mix and apply them to achieve the best results. I welcomed your feedback, offering expert advice and guidance when required, helping me gain confidence in my abilities at each step of the way through the well structured lessons. Thank you again, I look forward to participating in further courses with you” Vicky

“I did enjoy the course immensely and was so pleased with how much I learnt by following the format and system of colour mixing that you have designed.  I appreciated the calm and informative way you communicate in the videos because, while books are helpful, and I have a few, there’s nothing like being able to watch a technique carried out by an accomplished artist. I can now refer to my charts as a valuable starting place instead of flailing about trying every pigment I have, also quite a few, saving time and paint. There is still so much more to learn but this course is a wonderful way to gain the knowledge and confidence to encourage us, as fledglings to go as far as possible.” Susan

“I've always been afraid when it comes to colors and my drawing over this period were all black and white. Then I fell in love with botanical art and I was amazed at Jackie Isard's works and her accurate rendering of colours. So, I immediately enrolled on her course and it was great. She was a very kind teacher, supporting me from beginning to end and she always gave me clear explanations about exercises and colour properties. I am only a beginner but now I feel confident enough to build on this. I realise that there is no reason to have fear and it's about perseverance and good teachers!” Noemi


A few from students who have completed the
Online Fine Details & Finishing Techniques Course

“Words fail me and I cannot thank you enough for all your help and marvellous feedback..I think for me the feedback and support was the highlight of the course - it was so tailored to my needs, which is exactly what I needed. Your support was invaluable, especially at a time when I nearly gave up. You gave me huge amounts of confidence (I wish could bottle that up!). In terms of content, again this was of a superb quality.....The course made me think on many different levels and definitely expanded my range of skills. The course was the best I have ever taken. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help.” Nathalie

“I have just finished Jackie's online fine details course. I highly recommend it to anyone like me who wants to learn and refine the techniques of mixing colours and precision of the brush to be able to paint details in an impeccable way. I learned a lot and thanks to this course, I managed to do works that I never thought I would paint. The passion in finding the colours of the subject and the fun in finding different shades conveyed to me. Thanks again for everything.” Donatella

“Courses focussing on aspects of fine detail and finishing techniques are offered so infrequently and I was, therefore, delighted when I saw this one advertised. I found the resources provided for the course to be very good. The details included in the course notes are interesting, wide-ranging and relevant to the subject in question. The videos are extremely helpful, particularly in emphasising that painting at this level cannot be hurried. I am sure many people do not realise how such attention to detail, even in a very small area, can have such a significant effect on the final result; this is so clearly illustrated during the course.....Through Jackie's knowledgeable commentary, in her tutorial videos, students are encouraged to look closely at, and really see, the subject they are painting. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course. It has helped me to adopt a fresh approach when deciding on colour selection and mixing. It has also reinforced the need to observe carefully and accurately before applying brush to paper.” Joan

"Jackie is an awesome teacher. She had me performing beyond my usual efforts. So glad I took this course!” Mary

“Thank you so much for your encouragement throughout the course. I have been trying to eek this course out as I didn't want to finish it. I cannot thank you enough, I feel I have learned so much and you have rekindled my enthusiasm. I am now able to approach projects with a fresh and analytical eye.” Vicki



Students reviews from venue courses


“I always learn a lot from your courses and wish I could do more of them” Fiona

“Excellent teaching, lots of assistance and helpful demonstrations” Margaret

“I really enjoyed being guided step-by-step through the stages which filled in all the gaps in my own knowledge of the techniques covered. Thank you Jackie! Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of today. It has been very insightful and you're a fantastic teacher” Lauren

“Thank you for the tuition that helps us all progress and the friendly way you encourage everyone along” Freda

“Loved the teaching and learning a new way of painting - you were really encouraging and inspiring” Holly

“I really liked the format of this 'Follow on Day'. I was able to discuss my current work and Jackie helped me to solve my problems. Thanks Jackie for all your excellent suggestions.” Ann

“I learn so much every time! Jackie has a lovely teaching style. Helpful and encouraging. I always grasp new techniques.” Fran

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A selection of workshop photos...

asset 26.webp

'Purple Princess'
Centaurea scabiosa
Greater Knapweed Dissected

"Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty if only we have the eyes to see them" John Ruskin


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